About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Takedown

The Art of Takedowns Judo dojo has been a presence in Southern California for over a year now. We are a family owned business that offers Judo and overall Fitness instruction for people of all ages and abilities. Classes are taught by myself, Sensei Johnny Guerrero, multiple time state and national champion with over 30 years of experience. My presence in the Judo community has provided me with the skills and experience necessary to share my passion with the local community. We are proud to be the premier provider of Judo here in Escondido, and strive to be a home and resource for those who also look to expand their Judo knowledge and skills. We are excited to grow in our community and soon offer adaptive programs so people of all abilities can be properly represented. Art of Takedowns also offers private training and individualized instruction programs to help assist with personal growth in whatever area is needed.

Meet The Sensei

       My name Is Johnny Leon Guerrero and I am a USJF 3rd degree black belt with over 30 years of Judo experience here in Southern California. I was born and raised in Oceanside, and am an active member of the San Diego Judo Community. I started my Judo journey at the age of 4, and now at the age of 34 have finally established my own dojo here in Escondido. I started competing regularly at a young age and found success as a junior athlete. Despite continuous injuries, and with the assistance of friends, family, and many doctors, I persisted and found a passion for the sport. I also found a home and support system in the Judo community and that is what led me to want to share my passion for Judo with others.

        I opened the Art Of Takedowns in an effort to bring awareness to the many benefits of Judo and create opportunities for those who want to also make a living within the Judo community. I am excited to expand here in San Diego and share the positive and motivating health benefits Judo can bring, in ways that are adaptive to people of all ages and physical abilities.

       I truly believe in the positive benefits Judo offers to our physical and mental well-being. It is my goal to show how it has helped me become the best version of myself, despite the struggles along the way.


Sensei Johnny Leon Guerrero
2022 USA Judo Nationally Ranked Competitor
U.S.J.F 3rd Degree Black Belt
National Champion Coach
National Champion 
State Champion 
Regional Champion 
Local Champion 


Ruben M.
2022 USA Judo National Champion.
2016 USA Judo National Champion Runner-up.
1st Degree Blackbelt.

Sensei Johnny has been a great asset to my competitive  Judo Career. Under his coaching and training I've   accomplishment my goal of winning a national championship.

Sensei Johnny is steadily turning me into a Beast! I was very apprehensive to do any kind of martial arts especially something as physical as judo, But he was very patient and gave me great instructions. I think I may have found a new Home.

Mike P.
2017 Bronze medalist,
USA Judo Sr. National Championships .
Ikkyu - Brown Belt

Sensei Johnny has been influential in improving my competitive Judo . His approach to coaching and guiding athletes comes from years of experience.

Ross MacBaisey
- 2x Olympic Alternate
- 7x National Champion,
- 4th degree black belt
- multiple Team USA member.

Sensei Johnny is one of the top judo coaches in San Diego. Whether you’re 5 or 55 yrs old, a wrestler or BJJ player looking to step up your game, or a weekend warrior looking for a fun  workout, Art Of Takedowns is the place to be.

Been looking for a real Judo in the area and finally found it. Great Instructor and reasonable pricing.

Alex J.
-Judo Beginner
White Belt.

Beanie G.
- Martial Artist.